My own marathon and a PR!!!

My own little marathon continues but each day I think gets a little easier. Today I had a PR. I walked 50 minutes on my usual run route and visualized running again, yes that is a PR since surgery and I am very grateful. It certainly was not fast and I did not go very far but it was an accomplishment that I will take with a huge smile. 🙂


I have been spending A LOT of quiet time laying on the couch with an ice pack on the incision trying desperately to get the hematoma / swelling under the incision to go down and the pain to decrease. Slowly I think we are getting somewhere, but very slowly. I find that one uses their clavicle/ shoulder / brachial plexus with almost every movement when upright or when you move your arm (and lucky me, it’s my right arm, and I am right handed). So I have not been the most productive human being lately. Which, if you know me, is driving me crazy. I have pretty much given up on the television and am now devouring books. Computer work, typing, and working on writing my book is productive for about 30 minutes until my right arm and shoulder fatigue out. But I do what I can and keep in mind that it was just a week ago today that I got out of the hospital. So definite progress!!!

Dad comes home today from a week business trip and we are heading to Starbucks, why is this so important and special? Because, the Dr. has said I can drive so Dad is going to let me try to drive, with him of course. Kind of a test. I start PT on Monday at Endurance and would really like to be able to be driving next week. I think I am ready. Plus, I miss Dad, he’s been gone all week. I like our Dad and daughter time and brainstorming sessions on how we are going to someday have a nice homes by the ocean with residual income and maybe a few horses too. Mom is even on to the idea eventually. Ok, this might be a decade + away but good to dream!!!
Also looking forward to riding the bike on the trainer next week. I see the surgeon on Tuesday and will know more about rehab timeline then. Taking it one day at a time cause that’s all I can mentally handle as of now but I do have some huge plans for life in 2014 and I am so super stoked!!!!


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