Some blood, Lots of sweat, and a Few tears !!!

Hi!!! Just a little update on the comeback. It’s been now about 2.5 weeks since the neuro surgery and things are progressing each day. 2 steps forward and 1 or maybe 1/2 a step back. But all is good!!!

We can start with blood. I had an appointment with my pulmonary / anti-coagulation doctor on Wed. She took lots of blood work and some tests came back not so great. My D-dimer test (used to diagnose thrombosis inflammation, and blood disorder) was really high. What this means is for the time being I am back giving myself Lovenox shots 2 x day (a quick acting blood thinner). They also did a stat CT scan of my lungs just to rule out and make sure no pulmonary embolisms (blood clots) were forming in my lungs. Good news!!! No blood clots!!  So waiting for 5 days for the remaining tests to come back which will determine if I need to go back onto the Coumadin or if I can just go with a daily baby aspirin. Back to blood. I had conveniently forgotten that with CT scans of your lungs you need to have an IV started so they can give you contrast dye during the scan. Because of my veins and so forth it is extremely hard to get an IV started (possibly part of the clotting issue)  … 6 tries later and after many painful sticks they finally got an IV in. I am SO incredible sick of IV’s, needles, blood tests, scans… I honestly fought back tears.


Ok, so onto a much more favorite topic SWEAT!!!! I have started rehab at Endurance Rehab and started working out a bit at both Endurance and Sole Swim Solutions … It feels great to be somewhat active again. While I am having to be VERY patient and am SO grateful to have my P.T., Dave and Coach, Frank keeping watchful eye over me .. I am realizing just how much the surgery took out of me. However, I have strength back in my arm and hand, no pain like before surgery and now the intense pain is post surgical primarily the incision site and area where the muscles were removed . I have ridden my bike on the trainer and today got to run in the AlterG anti gravity treadmill at 65% bodyweight. Huge progress!!! Again I am eternally grateful for Dave, Frank, family, friends, and those that continue to keep me smiling even when the pain is intense and frustration mounts. Another thing about sweat…. I have come to realize when you are struggling, and in pain, you sweat a whole lot more!!!!

And then tears… won’t lie, there have been a few, not to many. The other day it was doctors and news of more blood tests and the stat CT scan. Today it was pain at the incision site (all normal, according to the surgeon). The more you use it, the more it will hurt. We are all human, lots of emotions with a major surgery like this but I am more than blessed and know that the future is very bright. I will just take one day at a time and if that is to much, will break it down like a race and take it one hour at a time. It’s all going to be great!!!


Feeling grateful! 🙂


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