Today’s Resolution … Don’t Wait!

I hear so much about New Year Resolutions and it makes me sad and frustrated. As a personal trainer and coach for over a decade and an athlete, I ask myself WHY WAIT?

There is no better time than the present! Let’s start today!!!! This does not mean you must go to your pantry and throw away all your favorite foods that might contain sugar. This does not mean that starting today you must commit to an hour of working out daily. BUT starting today, NOW, let’s mentally make the commitment to concentrate on helping yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually become healthier and happier. This means add a few extra vegetables and fruits to your meals, add an extra walk , run, or bike ride to your week, take the time to journal your thoughts and feelings. Make little steps toward your bigger goals.


Yes, I am all for working with a personal trainer or coach. Someone that will be there for you night and day. To hold you accountable but also be there to support you and motivate you. To be there to inspire you! I am beginning to take clients again and so grateful that I am able to do what I am so passionate about. I live and breath helping others be their best whether it be overall wellness, improving athletic performance, or running a personal best.

There are no 2 week or 22 days resolutions. I promise! If I see one more book or article promising “lose 20 inches in 22 days” I will certainly lose my mind. While it might be possible, it is not healthy and it is not a lifestyle that can be lived permanently. I help my clients adopt methods that can be sustained as part of their lifestyle. No crazy diets, no crazy expensive foods that are near impossible to find, no impossible training regimens with complex apparatus, it’s all simple and can be easily imported into anyone’s individualized schedule. Each client is an individual and I work with each person just so, we will make it work so that you are successful and established goals are reached.

Don’t wait! The time is NOW!!!! Whether for yourself, or a loved one! There is no better gift than health, fitness and wellness!!!

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