Happy Holidays and So Grateful (a little update)

WOW, I just realized I have not written a blog since December 5th. The holiday season seems to be flying by at record pace. I have so much to be grateful for and could not feel more blessed.

I am recovering well from the surgery I had on Nov. 4 where neurosurgeons at Barrows removed 3 muscles in my neck, a cervical rib, and a lot of scar tissue. I am back to swimming in the endless pool, biking on the trainer, and running. I am forever grateful for my Coach Frank for his watchful eye and guidance/ direction.. we will soon start working on technique in the pool and start some intervals on the bike and run.


We are also starting up some Speed Schools for Runners which will guide and direct runners on technique, cadence, strength, and mechanics … helping them to become more efficient, less prone to injury, and help improve their performance. Frank already has Swim Schools in progress that have been extremely successful.

I am also starting up some awesome opportunities for athletes. A lot of very exciting things in the making. Stay Tuned….



I had a wonderful Christmas spent with Mom and Dad. We went to a beautiful Christmas Eve service at our church, Pinnacle Pres. Church (PPC), and then had a beautiful dinner of grilled halibut w/ wasabi mashed potatoes, asparagus, and sun-dried tomatoes at home prepared by Chef David (my Dad).


Xmas Dinner

Christmas was a fun day with family as well. Smoked Salmon Norwegian Breakfast and Mimosas, presents, the Christmas Story, playing on the tablet and computer, wine, shrimp/scallop/veggie kabobs on the new grill, fun and laughs with family and hot cocoa. Just a great day.

Now back to the real world. Had a great run this AM. Working on work stuff and writing, phone calls, and organizing for the upcoming week. Off to the pool to swim this afternoon and for a “Functional Movement Screening”.  So looking forward to 2014 and all it will bring. Big goals!!!


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