Happy New Year and New Beginnings Too!

Hello 2014 and FAREWELL 2013. 2013 brought with it a neurological virus, chemical meningitis, pulmonary embolisms, neck pain that finally on Nov 4 lead to discovery of thoracic outlet syndrome and a neuro surgery to remove a cervical rib, scar tissue, and 3 major muscles in my neck. However 2013 taught me that I could be stronger than I EVER thought I could be. It taught me that being brave was not about hiding but about letting others in (including doctors, family, and friends). 2013 strengthened my Faith even more than I thought it could be strengthened by proving the power of prayer and turning over to God what I simply could not control. And on the very last day of 2013, yet another blessing came to be.

I accepted a NEW JOB!!! Many knew that I was slowly removing myself from the running specialty retail industry. I have been immersed in the industry for the better part of the last decade. I have learned from the best and been able to teach many. However, you reach a point where you start just going through the motions and don’t feel you are utilized to your full capabilities. It was time to move on.

On Dec 31, 2013. I accepted a MARKETING COORDINATOR / ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT position at Avery Lane. Avery Lane is a designer consignment and home furnishings store in Scottsdale. This in many ways is such a blessing. I will be able to utilize my Marketing Degree, my knowledge of social media, my sales experience, my love of interior design and fashion, and my passion for working with people. The store is about 10 minutes from home and less than 5 minutes to where I coach and train. I could not be more excited about this opportunity and can’t wait for what the future will hold at Avery Lane.

I am also working very hard with Frank Sole at Sole Swim Solutions. We are building a team at the training studio helping athletes have the resources to perform their best. The future is very bright. I am also being coached by Frank. I will start racing this Spring locally and looking forward to being back on the start line with many of my friends and fellow competitors.


2014 looks to be such a GREAT year in front of me. I could not be more excited for what it will offer both personally, professionally, and athletically. I am eternally grateful for the unrelenting support of my family, friends, coaches, and medical team. Much excitement on the horizon!!!

(pic of me being goofy ..it’s common)… but brings back great memories of the trip  2012 Boston Marathon (after I was told I would never ever run a marathon after multiple spine surgeries, then told I would never ever qualify for Boston…. well, 8 months after major lumbar spinal fusion with 26+ screws, rods, plates I ran a 3:16 marathon to qualify) .. Never believe the word “IMPOSSIBLE”  !!!


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