We all have angels.

My Grandpa is one of them, and another is a friend Jeff who taught me so much about standing up for myself and believing in myself. Both left us to early. My Grandpa is one that always seems to be smiling down. Always a thumbs up from above. When this are confusing angels seem to give a bit of clarity or at least take some of the sense of being overwhelmed away.


Another angel is Jeff, a coach and someone I looked up to that left us far to early. Someone that was at the pinnacle of the happiest time of his life. And on one day when he was out doing what he loved to do more than anything, riding his bike, an inattentive driver, took his life. Some things I will never understand but I don’t ask why anymore. I choose to follow my dreams to honor those that told me I could and showed me the first steps. Today and in those moments when things get a bit overwhelming and scary, I know the angels are watching over me and so many others. Thanks Jeff, you taught me so much, and I miss you.


A poem I wrote to Jeff the day he went to ride among the clouds.

Bright yellow shoes

Greeting with smiles

Kitten to tiger tattoos

Legs that can take the miles

Rock on my friend

Ride into the wind

Your strength my guiding light

You are now watching from greater heights

Race for the stars

Don’t stop in the clouds

Lungs screaming, legs burning

It’s Jeffy here, the wind is now turning

The wind is your friend I’m now on the mend

Toward your dreams I will send

From now every journey I will attend

Rock on dear friend

It’s Littmann, and time to go for the win.


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