Behind the scenes

Some would never know….

Nickname: Gumby, given to me by a old running coach

Childhood ambition: racehorse jockey

If I had a superpower: I’d find a way to erase the doubts those feel and and the limits they place on themselves. … oh and be able to fly so that I could go visit my best friend at anytime.

My favorite place: running along the ocean on the beach, listening to the waves

Childhood memories I miss the most: riding my horse named Rowdy, he was the best.

Joy: helping others find what makes them happy

Courage: finding strength in fighting daily adversity and pain stemming from a cycling accident in 2000

Support: what goes around comes around, so grateful.

Song: Fix You, Coldplay

Most terrifying moment: Being temporarily paralyzed

Most special moment: Qualifying for the Boston Marathon with a 3:17, 7 months after spinal fusion surgery

Words I live by: Faith, Perseverance, Courage, Gratitude






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