Successful Surgery and Getting Stronger

A little update 5 days after cervical disc replacement surgery by the outstanding neurosurgeon Dr. Randall Porter at Barrow Neuro Institute  . Surgery went great. I was able to have the disc replacement surgery at C6/C7 and there were no surgical complications. Unfortunately I had to stay in the hospital a couple extra days due to some rough complications from the anesthesia and pain meds. However, today 5 days after surgery I am doing ok. I am wearing the cervical neck brace/collar to protect the neck and ensure that I don’t make any wrong movements. Dr. Porter told Mom and Dad that the crucial healing time is the first 3-4 weeks. Probably still 10 weeks till back running. I am scared to death that the artificial disc might not fuse properly to the bone above and below so I am doing whatever it takes. The brace sucks!!! Super uncomfortable to eat in, sleep in, get comfortable in regardless of your position. But then again so is surgery and surgery is WAY WAY worse and I can’t bear another surgery.

Not in to much pain, just taking Tylenol and a muscle relaxant. My head gets heavy after being upright for awhile and the muscles in my neck, shoulders, and back are sore but that’s about it. So pretty impressed.

I am eternally grateful for so many calls, texts, messages, etc from friends that have kept my spirits up through this all. You guys are my rock. I honestly could not have continued to stay so positive without your constant reminders of what the future will hold for me and that this is only another small mountain to climb on the way to a greater destination. Love ALL you guys!


I am walking outside now daily. Well yesterday was the first day, since it was also the first day home from the hospital. Dad and I took a 40 minute walk around noon and then a 20 min walk around 4:00. My goal is 50+ minutes of walking each day until I can do more than walk. For now, trust me, it’s hard enough 😉

Miss you guys and can’t wait till I can drive in a couple weeks. They said 2+ weeks from surgery. I see Dr. Porter again on the 10th. So more news then!!!!

Remember, staying positive regardless of what you face as negative energy only causes you and others pain and misery. 

Can’t wait to be back out there with you all again doing what we love!!!!


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