About Ultimate Stamina

Ultimate Stamina is dedicated to providing the latest science based instruction that far exceeds clients’ expectations to achieve optimal levels of physical performance and health. With numerous years of training and extensive knowledge of coaching principles, I will design a program that will fit your lifestyle and allow you to achieve your goals.

Who is Coach Cristin
(USA Track and Field Certified Coach and American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer)
Cristin has been improving the lives of her clients for years. Cristin’s mission is to motivate and educate her clients to allow the achievement of established goals. She enjoys working with ALL AGES AND ABILITIES; young kids to seniors and beginning exercisers to elite athletes. Her extensive knowledge in the field comes from years of personal experience (14+ years competing at a high level), opportunity to learn from the best, and certifications obtained in related fields. Cristin has provided functional strength and core training to individuals of all fitness levels and ages. Cristin excels at motivating her clients to continue to incorporate healthy lifestyle choices into their everyday behavior patterns and to really enjoy the benefits of working out with a trainer and coach. Cristin focuses on proper technique and making sure each workout has a determined purpose and reason; quality over quantity.
Cristin has coached large groups of athletes for races ranging from 5K to Marathon. She has developed successful training programs such as Running 101, Striding for Stamina (a specific walking program for all abilities), Speed Racer, Kids Get Ready, No Time-No Excuse, Marathon Made Easy, and a number of other programs and classes.

Cristin races distances from 3000m to Marathon and is sponsored by Sole Swim Solutions, the Center for Athletic Performance, and is an ambassador for Fusion Sports USA. 

American College of Sports Medicine – Personal Trainer
United States Track & Field Association – Running Coach
TRX Certified Trainer

Endurance Sports Performance Training
Core Strength Development
Functional Strength Training
Overcoming Setbacks from Injuries & Illnesses
General Fitness
Weight Loss


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Dearest Cristin….Let me tell you right up…I LOVE YOU! I am blessed by everything I am reading. How did I find you…a Goggle Search…”Paleo and Stamina”…I am grateful for both so I “googled it”! LOL! I have been doing Paleo since June 3rd with my husband. We have both lost around 30 lbs. Paleo….No, God has given me back …LIFE! We are a middleaged couple. My husband is a CPA and I am a college teacher. Both of us have sendentary jobs and need to exercise more regularly. I can identify with your surgeries as I have been having surgeries all my life. I was born with hip dysplasia in 1956 and have undergone countless surgeries since then. Swimming is my favorite sport/activity and I have recently purchased a waterproof ipod device that helps motivate me to stay in the pool and keep swimming laps. I need further encouragement. Can you help. ?

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  3. Congratulations and best wishes on your move to Arizona! Thanks for all your advice and instruction – I’ll miss having you lead the Bare Essentials classes in Shorewood. Thanks again for helping my transition to Natural running and Newtons – just so you know, I had my first race in Newtons and cut over 6 minutes off my half marathon time. Wow.

    Keep up the great work in AZ! You are a big positive influence to so many.


    • Thomas, you have come so far in a short time. You have many wonderful things ahead of you. Keep up the great work and stay in touch!

  4. Which vertebrae did you have fused? I recently had T10-L2 fused after a rock climbing fall. I am afraid I will not be able to return to running at a high level with the limited movement.

    • Joel:

      I have L4-S1 fused and work done on L3. I would recommend finding a great Physical Therapist and really concentrating on core and functional strength training. Also I have used the AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmill …. where are you located? I can give you recommendations of places in AZ and WI

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