Today’s Resolution … Don’t Wait!

I hear so much about New Year Resolutions and it makes me sad and frustrated. As a personal trainer and coach for over a decade and an athlete, I ask myself WHY WAIT?

There is no better time than the present! Let’s start today!!!! This does not mean you must go to your pantry and throw away all your favorite foods that might contain sugar. This does not mean that starting today you must commit to an hour of working out daily. BUT starting today, NOW, let’s mentally make the commitment to concentrate on helping yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually become healthier and happier. This means add a few extra vegetables and fruits to your meals, add an extra walk , run, or bike ride to your week, take the time to journal your thoughts and feelings. Make little steps toward your bigger goals.


Yes, I am all for working with a personal trainer or coach. Someone that will be there for you night and day. To hold you accountable but also be there to support you and motivate you. To be there to inspire you! I am beginning to take clients again and so grateful that I am able to do what I am so passionate about. I live and breath helping others be their best whether it be overall wellness, improving athletic performance, or running a personal best.

There are no 2 week or 22 days resolutions. I promise! If I see one more book or article promising “lose 20 inches in 22 days” I will certainly lose my mind. While it might be possible, it is not healthy and it is not a lifestyle that can be lived permanently. I help my clients adopt methods that can be sustained as part of their lifestyle. No crazy diets, no crazy expensive foods that are near impossible to find, no impossible training regimens with complex apparatus, it’s all simple and can be easily imported into anyone’s individualized schedule. Each client is an individual and I work with each person just so, we will make it work so that you are successful and established goals are reached.

Don’t wait! The time is NOW!!!! Whether for yourself, or a loved one! There is no better gift than health, fitness and wellness!!!

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Do Dr.’s Know Best?

This is a question I am asking myself a lot lately. With our health care system better known as “broken” and the recent medical issues I have faced, I am both frustrated and extremely confused on whom to listen to and believe.

To make a super long and scary story short… I contracted a virus in Oct that attacked my peripheral nervous system and brain. Temporary paralysis of arm, then numbness and lack of sensation in feet and legs, bad headaches, etc. I spent most of Oct. in the hospital where it was also discovered I had some immune and adrenal system issues. We discovered via blood tests that my body doesn’t make the needed antibodies to fight infections and my adrenal system doesn’t work to well.

Dr.’s told me I would need immunoglobulin antibody infusions every 21 days to give my body the antibodies it doesn’t make to fight infections and strengthen my immune system. Since then every 21 days I go and get an IV put in and antibodies … every time I feel like shit for 2-3 days. They say a common reaction.

The third time (a week ago yesterday) I had an infusion. I felt sick all week and by Fri, a friend took me to the ER. I had tests run, a spinal tap done, a CT scan on my brain, etc. The spinal tap revealed aseptic meningitis (a reaction from  the antibody infusion). And an explanation for the insane headache, nauseousness, stiff neck, and tiredness. I spent Fri. through Sunday at the hospital (Mayo Clinic) on IV anti-virals and antibiotics (just to play it safe according to the Dr.’s) plus morphine and IV fluids. I come to find out from the Neuro at Mayo, that it might not have been necessary after all to have the antibody infusions and those infusions in particular are extremely hard on the body especially someone who has adrenal system issues. To say I am frustrated is an understatement. Here we are paying close to a grand for each infusion and come to find out that there might have been an easier less invasive and less expensive way. What was suppose to make me healthier gave me meningitis. And let me tell you aseptic meningitis is brutal and painful.

So what to do? Well I am taking some charge with advice from those I TRUST in the medical field. I am going to attempt to deal with the immune system and adrenal issues through nutrition and non pharmaceuticals … I will take a multi-vitamin and other vitamins with no potential side effects, I will get more sleep, work on staying properly hydrated and hope to be able to add some super food smoothies and juices into my daily nutrition.

It is when ultimate frustration occurs that you have to take charge, trust your Higher Power, believe that you know yourself better than anyone, and live each day trying to better yourself and inspire others. So here’s to moving forward with fast feet and ultimate stamina.

Why I Love Running

I’ve been working on this post for awhile and today seems like a good day to go “live” LOL.

Running is good for you. Yes, it keeps you fit, healthy, reduces cardiac disease risk, improves blood pressure, strengthens bone density, blah, blah, blah… All of that is great but running provides me and many others so much more.

Running is simple. Put on a good pair of shoes (or not) and go. Put one foot in front of the other and repeat. Go right, or left, on trails, or street. So many simple options. You can go the same way every day or explore new routes and your surroundings. You don’t need extensive equipment and you don’t need fancy clothes. Just run.

Running also builds confidence. Confidence that you can achieve more than you once thought or imagined. I remember as an equestrian I started running to stay in shape. At first, a mile, was an eternal distance thought impossible. I would tell myself, if you can do this you can do anything. Ha… looking back that makes me laugh. Confidence comes and goes and running has many times helped build what was lost.

Running provides stability and control. When life seems a bit out of control, a run will usually put things back together for me. When I seem to be pulled in a few to many directions, a simple run places me back to the center where I am most happy. When I feel I have lost control of what I never had control of or never will, a easy run gives me something to grasp.

Running calms. There are times when fear takes over. Believe it or not, fear is one of my greatest challenges. I sometimes fear that my body won’t be able to accomplish what my mind believes is possible. However, more times than not, it only takes a run to convince it otherwise. I must learn to trust the run and my body and not let fear limit my goals.

Running is what I love about running. You can just go out and be who you are. Running doesn’t hold grudges nor is it prejudice. Anyone I see out there is of equal importance and of equal significance. Whether it is your first run or your hundredth run, we are of equals when out there running.

For me running provides serenity, in a somewhat chaotic life, it provides peace and comfort. Running gives me hope for greater accomplishments in both life and sport. Running provides unconditional friendship and support. Running allows me time to communicate with my Higher Power’s and running provides confidence in that I am able to overcome the inclines ahead. Running is simple, running is fulfilling, and if you can’t figure out an answer while running….well, there might not be one.

Thanks to the sport of running, I am here smiling today. For without running, things might be different. 🙂

PS…. in running you don’t get flat tires either 😉

Boston and Beyond

Wow, I end today with so many mixed emotions. First I have questions.. how is it that a brilliant 42 yr. old equestrian passes in her sleep. Amy Tyron RIP. Then hours later I read that George Morris, the “Father” of hunt seat equitation and horsemanship is being treated for cancer. I have had the opportunity to be coached from George Morris and I know he is not only brilliant but a competitor .. with prayers, great Dr.’s, and his determination; George will overcome this adversity and I will continue to pray for his health, strength, and courage through this tough time. All this shows is life is to short and we must live in such a way to glorify our Higher Powers.

Now…. to the somewhat very surreal emotions. BOSTON BOSTON BOSTON!!!

Am I really starting to pack to go to the Boston Marathon? Do I really fly out at 7:35 tomorrow AM? Is this dream really becoming a reality? It was not even a year ago I had little function of my left leg, I was facing my 3rd spine surgery, and was facing the fact I might never run again. I was terrified, I felt betrayed by my own body, and I was angry. That was less than 1 year ago. Since then, MAJOR spine surgery, HOURS or rehab and training, miles of running (some more fun than others), days of defeat, days of personal bests and amazing highs, nights crying myself to sleep, and mornings filled with smiles after accomplishing workouts beyond my imagination. I have simply the greatest team supporting me, friends that have stood by me through thick and thin, and my strong Faith that keeps me centered on what really is important in life.

I’m so excited to see my amazing friend Bev, Coach Brett, and many others. I am so excited to feel the energy race day will bring, and just take in the experience. Regardless of the time that it takes, I am blessed and I will NOT forget that at any point before, during, or after the race.

I dedicate this race to those that are my “Angels” now. Grandpa, Jeff, Sally…. all looking down from above yet all have given me so much strength and courage. And should those winds pick up, I know Jeff is right there beside me whispering, “the wind is your friend”… so true, Jeff , you are there right beside me.


And Grandpa, you always told me to do what makes me happy. I live each day following your advice and knowing that you too are providing me the courage to continue to follow my dreams.

To end this blog I want to post something that was written out to comfort those at Jeff’s funeral, a day we cried yet celebrated his amazing self.

Attitude to me is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what other people think, say, or do. It is more important than appearance, gift, or skill. It will make or break a company…a church… a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day…I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you…we are in charge of our attitudes – Charles Swindoll

May you all follow your hearts and dreams with a positive attitude, courage, and determination!


Boo to The Biggest Loser

Ok, I have to get this off my chest. I am really disappointed in the direction the Biggest Loser has been taken to. It is really no longer a show about lifestyle change and recently has been filled with drama, crying, swearing, and tension / conflict among other participants. This is NOT the way individuals need to make lifestyle changes and the means they are taking are overall not always healthy.

I have always been a fan of Bob Harper and think he is not only knowledgable but great at motivating and finding the fine line of being supportive yet demanding. However I get frustrated and irritated seeing how a few fitness DVD’s have lead to all the other money makers for himself and his team. This is about giving back, not making 6+ figure incomes and most likely much more.

Back to the tears and drama. Sorry guys, get over yourselves and just work out and eat right. Stop fighting each other and dwelling on other’s weaknesses. I hate to say this but “SUCK IT UP”. The individuals on this program did not get to this point overnight and it is going to take hard work, dedication, determination, and finding an inner strength and courage to overcome whatever adversity is in front of them.

So sorry Biggest Loser, you have become yet another drama series and soap opera and you no longer have my respect. As a Certified ACSM Personal Trainer, Running Coach, distance runner, and motivational speaker, I feel drama needs to be left to the Oscar nominees. As an individual that suffered through a traumatic cycling accident resulting in spine surgeries and other major orthopedic surgeries I have continued to persevere. As an individual that was assaulted and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, I have persevered. It’s not always easy, but it’s doable. Bob Harper has my respect without doubt however the show does not.

So get off the couch, stop making excuses, and move at whatever pace you can…. because at some point you might not be able to. Got it? Great, see you out there. 😉

Epic pasta (gluten free and healthy)

Carbo-loading before tomorrow’s 3 hour run. So what does a gluten free, picky, and health conscious runner eat?

First pour yourself a nice glass of pinot noir … Start with fresh organic basil and chopped red bell pepper, then boil your pasta to direction on package (don’t over-cook it). Get out some roasted garlic EVOO, olive tapenade, shaved Romano blend, and crushed red pepper. Once pasta is done, put 1.5 c. pasta in serving bowl for each guest and toss with desired amounts of fresh basil and chopped red bell pepper, EVOO, tsp tapenade, shaved Romano blend, and crushed red pepper. Toss together






And then it’s time to enjoy of course with fine red wine.