What Is Will Be

Hi guys, hope everyone is enjoying Summer time. It’s getting warm in AZ, but I don’t mind to much. It’s better than the bitter cold of WI winters.

Been thinking lately about acceptance again. We often try to plan ahead. We lay out a schedule, write it in our planners or set it into our calendars on our phones so that we know what to do each day. Whether it’s work, training, social, racing. We have a plan. Then life happens. Business plans fall through, vacation, we get hurt or sick, loved ones pass away, etc,.

We have to adjust. We have to accept. It forces us to think, reflect, ask questions. Sometimes hard ones and sometimes painful. But also it forces us to grow. We step up to the plate. We leave our comfort zone (we are often forced to whether we want to or not).


In the last 6 months I have cried many times, been scared, been angry BUT I have also grown to be stronger. I have laughed often, I have had fun in exploring new journeys, and setting new challenging goals for myself. I have learned to sit back and ask questions, to live in the present more and the future less.

We all have adversity, it crops up and some days it feels like it might never go away but it will and your attitude towards it will determine how much you let it overcome you.

While watching Amy Van Dyken as she courageously tackles rehab for her spinal cord injury, her relentless energy and spirit inspires and reminds that we must adapt. We must find a way. There is always a way. Her bravery is incredible and I have no doubt she will do incredible things and accomplish way more than any of us think possible.

It might not be what you had scheduled in the beginning, there will be new chapters and new journeys, accept what it is and what it will be.

… What Is Will Be – Live Life To The Fullest, Have Fun and Have No Regrets