Pay Attention, Don’t Be Stupid!

I no longer ask, I am begging you to please pay attention. Drivers. PLEASE watch out for cyclists. Put your cell phones down, don’t reach for that “necessity” in your car, please keep your eye on the road!

Cyclist’s PLEASE just assume drivers are not watching out for you. You can’t assume ANYTHING. Today another friend was hit and banged up pretty bad.

While I pray and am so grateful that it is not any worse than it is. I am ANGRY! I am so incredibly over hearing about my friends and their friends being hit, hurt, and KILLED by motorists … This SHIT HAS TO STOP.


I pray each day anyone of my friends goes out for a ride … I worry more about my dear friends than even myself.

Coming up on the date of my accident the images play back. Some things never seem to fade. All I can ask is that you never forget that none of us are invincible. We can all be changed forever, life can change in milliseconds.

I was a fortunate one that I survived and am still walking. Some don’t and aren’t. 


Pay Attention !!!


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