Book (the story of the journey)

I’m inspired! How have I found it? Where did I get it? How will I keep it?

What is the real victory? It’s finishing with no regrets, it’s living for yourself, it’s standing up for who you are and the dreams you have dreamed about.

I want to make public the lessons I’ve learned on my travels. Travels through the highly competitive world of equestrian sports, the survival of a near fatal cycling accident that left me with a broken back and temporary paralysis, the recovery and accomplishments of becoming a competitive distance runner, the overcoming of a complex spinal surgery with screws, rods, and plates inserted running a 3:16 marathon 8 months later, the lessons that the human body can teach us and the faith that can take what is unheard of and turn it into accomplishment.

I want to encourage others to reach for the inconceivable, persevere when the going get’s tough, and live their lives for their Higher Power having faith that he has the ultimate plan in place.

“It’s not how you deal with success that measures your character. It’s how you deal with the setback’s you encounter along the way.”


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