Extreme Peaks, Deep Valleys

Having a reconstructed spine could easily redefine the definition of “peaks and valleys”. The journey started in July of 2000, and it has been quite a journey and not without huge accomplishments and times I wish I could erase from memory forever.

One must ask why try? Why go out there and continue to be so active? Because that is what makes me feel alive and happy, when so many times I have felt so much physical pain and agony. By being active and not allowing the injuries and adversities take control of me, I have overcome them.

But at the same time I have to make both sacrifices and modifications on a daily basis and sometimes almost instantaneously .. There might be a “training plan” but it is ONLY a blue print that we loosely follow and are changing frequently. We (myself, Coach Frank Sole, PT Dave , Dr. Porter, etc) never know what the day will bring, sometimes don’t know until I start the workout. So we have to remain flexible. When I feel great, that day we might take advantage of the blessing of feeling better than usual. Every day is a blessing for I know that it could have been much different, but I very much appreciate those days that I feel especially good. On days that the body doesn’t want to cooperate, sometimes I have to realize that I just have to shut it down and live to fight another day. Those days are very hard emotionally. But I look to my faith in God for strength and courage and hope that I can inspire others and show that with faith and perseverance we can accomplish great things.


So many ask and wonder what’s next? That’s something that I finally have come to terms with….  I DON’T KNOW!

Ask me yesterday and I would have told you what I had planned for the weekend.. a birthday run Fri, 5K Sat, and 8 miler Sunday… I would have said what I had planned for later this Summer and Fall.

NOW after yet another “reminder” of my reconstructed fused spine… I just don’t know and I won’t know. I will take it week to week. I might do this and that but I just can’t plan to far in advance because I just don’t know what my body is going to give me. I don’t want to disappoint friends by not being there on birthday runs, or being there for 5K’s BUT I have to take care of MY body and do what is best for long term performance success.

I am so grateful and blessed with all I do have and the ability I do have to continue to do what I love with all I have been through and could never have done it without the team I’ve had. Hugs to you all.

So that’s the extreme peaks and deep valleys of living with a reconstructed spine. I am forever blessed  and thank God every day for the many angels and guardian angels in my life. 🙂


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