There is always enough time!

One might say writing a book can steal you away, in more than one way. I might agree. At the same time I feel a bit of me as been missing. I often feel that I am most “here” when I am writing in both my blog and my book. AND making time to read. Which makes less time for wasting on things like (social media browsing, magazines, TV, etc, etc).

So, I am back. The blog is back. Watch for posts on all sorts of things such as such as great recipes, great “finds” (apparel, shoes, the next best training tool), training exercises, what I’m up to in my crazy adventurous life, great books, etc.

You might ask where I’ve been? On a bit of an adventure… I have been writing my book (what a blessing that is and continues to be). I continue to learn so much as I write and I grow as a person with each word and sentence. But it is not an easy process and with growth comes growing pains. There have been a few.

IMG_6935I also took a tumble. OK, crash on my bike in July, which led to the end of my cycling. I suffered a pretty serious concussion and a broken rib. That is my 6th concussion and can not risk another. Bikes are being sold and will continue my athletic lifestyle with running and swimming. While it is hard to know that I won’t ever bike again, I know that God has a better plan for me. I am doing what he wants me to do.

So with that … I’m back, the blog is back. I am writing, reading. Learning with the help and guidance of those around me to take time for me. Finding peace in the peaceful, something we all need to do a bit more of.


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